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Index Spreads - Online Trading SoftwareWelcome visitors, these are our currently open trades Stock Option Trading Software

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Optium Positions Vertical Spreads/Neutral Spreads's
There are currently no open positions for this TradeFolio™

Titanium Positions Covered Call's
% Ret
12/9/2014 Covered Call Trade #1 SEP (153) -13.0 % HOLD Details
9/3/2014 Covered Call Trade #2 JAN (-1204) -21.3 % HOLD Details
5/29/2014 Covered Call Trade #3 FEB (-434) -33.1 % HOLD Details
4/26/2011 Covered Call Trade #4 DEC (-490) -10.8 % HOLD Details

Safety Net Positions Long Call's
There are currently no open positions for this TradeFolio™

Index Spreads - Online Trading Software - Stock Option Trading Software

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