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Puts and Calls - Put Call Ratio
Options Chains Easy to get started quickly
  We simplify the whole investment process. Within minutes of subscribing you will invest with options.
Easy to understand
  Navigating this site is easy. You don't have to be a computer wizard to find a trading opportunity, or spend hours "hunting" the site.
Outstanding email support
  We're only a click away for answers to your questions. We're here to serve you, and welcome every question.
Trade as much or as little as you like
  Whether you have a lot of money or a modest amount of money, all PowerOptionsApplied subscribers enjoy the same attention. YOU ARE IN CONTROL.
You can profit in any type of market
  Whether the bulls or the bears are running, you can make money in the market. With PowerOptionsApplied, you can make money in all market conditions.
Effortless trading
  We publish how and when to open and close your trades.
An emphasis on quality
  We feature only a few high-quality trades. Quality, not quantity, keeps commission costs low.
Research leads to profits
  We continually monitor the status of each TradeFolio™, so you can spend your time doing what you like to do the most.
Limited number of subscribers
  We have a limited number of subscribers per TradeFolio™. Once any TradeFolio™ fills, it will not be available to new members. You are joining an exclusive trading group.
We never receive compensation for the trades we recommend
  Many companies are compensated to recommend trades. We do not have a hidden agenda. Our trades are based on research, not corporate interests.
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Puts and Calls - Put Call Ratio - Options Chains
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