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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much money should I invest with this service?
A: We cannot advise subscribers how much money to invest. We do, however, recommend that subscribers diversify their investments and not invest all of their funds in any single investment vehicle. Example investment amounts based on average returns are shown here.

Q: How much money should I invest in each recommended position?
A: We cannot advise subscribers regarding how much money to invest in each position. If possible, we suggest subscribers invest in all of the positions that are published during each month. The goal of investing in each recommended position is to reduce risk by diversification in time and by diversification of investment vehicles. Example investments based on average return are shown here.

Q: Should I leave some funds in my account?
A: We cannot advise subscribers about fund allocation. We do suggest customers leave some funds available for closing positions in the event of encountering a adverse market conditions that lead to a stop-loss. In some cases, execution of a stop-loss to exit the trade could require additional funds, if funds are not available the broker may not execute the closing trade for you.

Q: How are new positions communicated?
A: New trade alerts are sent by email indicating a new trade has been published on this web site and can be accessed by paying customers when they logon. New trades are also published to our Twitter Feed: @POA_Optium for those who like both notifications, prefer that method, or who have trouble getting email in a timely fashion.

Q: When are new positions selected?
A: Generally new positions are selected and published before 12 noon EST on the day the position is scheduled to be selected. Depending on market conditions, new positions may be selected earlier, later, or not at all on that published schedule. The dates for the next scheduled selection for the TradeFolios™ are published on this web site and can be accessed by paying customers when they logon.

Q: How long are new positions considered "good" for trading?
A: We cannot predict how long a position will remain a "good trade". Trade status for each recommended position can be accessed on this web site when you logon as a subscriber.

Q: Do I have to subscribe to PowerOptions in order to have a subscription to PowerOptionsApplied?
A: No, the two services are separate from one another.

Q: Can I use the same Password as I use in PowerOptions?
A: Yes, all of the Power Financial Group Inc. web sites use your email address and the SAME password to access the subscription features. Your email address and password will gain you access to PowerOptions, PowerOptionsApplied, RadioActiveTrading, and OptionFind. Of course, only paying subscribers of each service will see the subscriber only features, tools and content in each service.

Q: What is the frequency of recommendations and when are they published?
A: New trade recommendations are generally (but not limited to) posted the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday following options expiration (3rd Friday of the Month). Scheduled next trade posting dates are published at the bottom of the Open Trades page.

Q: What is the difference between PowerOptions and PowerOptionsApplied?
A: PowerOptions is for self-directed investors who want to search and research their own strategies and trades. PowerOptions offers tools to find the trades that best meet an investor's objectives.

PowerOptionsApplied is a newsletter/advisory service where we do the research and then publish trades that meet our proprietary criteria. You get access to the published trades and can then decide to invest in them yourself. This service caters to those who don't have the time and/or confidence to research their own trade selections.

Q: Is auto-trade available?
A: No, auto-trade is not available. As all of the smaller brokers have been bought and merged with larger brokers, the larger brokers have decided that auto-trade doesn't meet their risk profile and they'd prefer their clients used their ETFs and internal money managers for "hands-off" trading.

Q: Can I really make the average returns listed on the web site?
A: We cannot predict future returns; past performance is no indication of future performance. The returns on this web site do not include brokerage fees and other expenses, which should be taken into consideration for calculating real returns. We do not include a "real return" value, as real returns require the amount invested, which varies for each individual investor.

Q: Do I have to close my open positions before options expiration?
A: Except for the occurences of a stop-loss or profit-taking situations, the TradeFolios™ do not require closing trades before options expiration. The goal is for all positions in the TradeFolios™ to expire worthless, with the customer retaining the initial credit or time-value minus brokerage fees, etc. as profit.

Q: How far back does the track record extend?
A: The entire track record is available on this web site by clicking here.

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